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As mentioned previously, we are taking some of the legwork out of joing some internet contests. In addition to making joining them easier, we are also doing some deeper research into the contests we list on our site. We are doing this to help ensure that by joining the contest you are not just throwing your emails or personal information at just anyone for them to later sell to a marketing company. Or for you to get inundated with a ton of spam!

So without further delay.. lets get started. This page may or may not change slightly over the next couple of days as we either add or change how we handle the contests in question. So check back often.

Contest #1: "Sargento Moovin' and Groovin' Sweepstakes"
Contest #2: "Win a remote controlled F-22 Raptor"

Contests Detailed Listings

Sargento Moovin' and Groovin' Sweepstakes

Contest Notes:

To enter, you will need to complete a short form which does ask for your email address. We have contacted Sargento about this, and they have assured us that they are only using the emails and any information gathered for the purposes of facilitating this contest only. Being that they are a larger coorperation and that they actually responded to our quesry personally and quickly, we felt better about believing them. As far as we can tell, everything about this contest is legit. So give it a shot, it couldn't hurt to enter this one. I mean, the games being offered are nothing special at all, and neither is the Wii in my opinion. But hey, its free! Good Luck!

-Prize Information:

Grand Prize: 

-1 Wii system with the choice of 1 of 2 games (Just Dance 2 or Racquet Sports)
-There will be 10 Grand Prize Winners

1 Place:    
-A Wii Game: Either Just Dance 2 or Racquet Sports
-There will be 100 1st place winners.

Time Frame:
-Runs from September 1st, 2010 until December 31st, 2010 at 11:59pm (EST).

Contest Odds:
-Too hard to determine as it depends on how many people enter online.

How will winner be chosen:
-A random drawing will be held on January 15th, 2011 and will be administered by A list of contest winners will be posted as soon as available.
Contest Links:

Win a remote controlled F-22 Rapter

Contest Notes:

This is a cool little contest. I mean, who wouldn't want a remote controll fighter jet!?!? I have done some research on the prize in question and this is a pretty snazzy little toy! These things are by no means cheap, and matter of fact, not really a toy either! The amount of skill required to control one of these things is a bit on the high side. And there seems there would be a rather large learning curve. But regardless, these things are cool! And if all else fails, you could always sell it I guess. That might be better then building it, and crashing it! LOL. Anyway, the contest is legit. You are required to enter your email into a subscription box. You are just subscribing to the websites RSS feed which is completely harmless. One of the best parts about this contest is that there are not a ton of readers associated with the website running the contest. This means that your odds are pretty good from the start! And if worse comes to worse and you are sick of the emails, just have them pushed to your junk email box or kill the subscription after the contest ends! Good Luck!

-Prize Information

Grand Prize:  
-Remote controlled F-22 Raptor
-There will be only 1 winner

Contest Time Frame:
-Runs from now until December 31st, 2010

Contest odds:
-Hard to tell as this is online and depends on how many enter, however based on the
 small audience of the site running the contest, your odds are pretty good.

How will the winner be chosen?
-Winner will be chosen by the staff of and regulated by what they
 are calling "the jury". Which is a fancy name for more of their staff just ensuring
 contest is run legit. Contest winner will be posted as it is made available to AU.

Contest Links:

Contest Rules may also be found at contest entry link above.