Diverse By Design Tech Repair and Service

Yes indeed. This is exactly what the subject header says. We provide Tech Services to local area businesses and private customer alike. We have been in the computer repair business for some time now and have just recently started the Aggregate Universe Blog as a means to share some information/knowledge/news and other various things with our new friends on the Internet.

So if you are local to Geneva, Illinois and have a computer or network issue - please don't hesitate to contact us and inquire about our services. We have, as mentioned above, worked with many individuals in the area as well as a few local business owners (Doctors office, thrift store, upholstery business, etc..).

Some of our most recent (and lately the most popular) services we have provided have been our Photo Digitizing Service. For those not familiar with the term, this is where we take your old 35mm film printed pictures and scan then into a digital version. We can then do some minor touch up to the photos and store them on a CD or DVD so they will last almost forever. Or at least longer then they would on plain film. As I said, this is a very popular service that we have provided for many, many people.

Another of our more popular services is the repair of the latest video game consoles such as the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. Some of the older models of these game machines have been plagued with overheating issues that have caused the system to shut down and get the dreaded RROD (Red Ring Of Death) and YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death) respectively.

We also offer consulting services of sorts. For example: Let's say your in the market for a new HDTV. The only problem is that your not a tech-savvy person. Or maybe you are but your not up on the latest TV technology. Or you need a new PC. But your not sure what to buy, and considering all the different sales and packages offered by the various stores that sell these items - it can surely get a bit confusing. Well, that is where we come in. Let us help you. You tell us what your needs are or what kind of product you would like and how much your willing to spend. We then take that information and find the best sales, best package and best prices so that you are guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck!Let us do the legwork, and since we have the background knowledge and actually know what all the "specs" mean we can get you the absolute best product for what you need. All for a modest price!

There are various other services we offer as well. And if it is not listed in this post then all you have to do is ask. We will be glad to respond to your questions quickly. We will be posting a price list soon. However the problem with price lists in fields like this is that it is very hard to get everything. There are so many different options to many of the services we offer that the best we can do sometimes is give people a ballpark figure. Unless it happens to be one of those things that are very specific and there is a very specific service that needs to be performed. In those cases we can provide a very solid price list.

There is almost nothing that we cannot handle with a computer. And lately we have gotten into building custom gaming machines. These things are beasts! Very high powered computers that can handle the latest in graphics and gaming. The system requirements for these games to run are very high! But our custom systems surpass these specs and go beyond what will be required for some time to come so that these system will not be obsolete anytime soon. Not to mention they look totally awesome. With liquid cooled systems and neon lights shining through the clear cases! These almost look more like alien spaceships rather then state of the art computer systems. So if your in the market for a new computer, and have the loot to spend on one of these very high tech custom machines, we are the company for you. These are very special projects however and require much planning and communication. So for any information on these please email me directly and we can start the process with a bunch of questions that you will have to answer.

So for this and much more, please stay tuned as more information will be available shortly on the site. But as this is the age of instant gratification... if you need answers right away or have an emergency tech situation that needs immediate attention, please do not hesitate! Email me right away and I will respond within 24 hours at the latest. But usually I get back to customers within an hour of their email. So if you need me for anything, just email me and I will get back to you. Click the link below to email Diverse By Design. But don't worry, I am the one screening emails so I will get your emails directly and handle your needs personally! Until there is more news.. I'm out!

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