Service Price List

Virus Removal $45.00 We will completely clean your hard drive of any virus/spyware that has infected your system. This includes cleaning of your systems registry as well. 
Security Setup $80.00 This includes complete configuration of your selected anti virus software as well as safeguarding your network and devices also. 
Data Backup $50.00 Backup of your personal data no matter the format (music/video/etc) to media of your choice. Price per 100 gb of data.
System Tune-Up $75.00 Insure all critical updates are installed and all hardware running at spec.
Device Installation $25.00 Per device. Includes connection to network and full integration with all compatable devices on network.
Full System Diagnostic $20.00 Run a full diagnostic of system and all network devices to determine how close to spec your system is running. Will also determine your security integrity level. Will offer suggestions of what can be done to secure and improve your system and/or network.
Internet/Network Setup $45.00 Setup and configure your home network up to and including 2 computers and 2 devices. $15.00 per additional devices.
Hardware Installation $25.00 Install and setup any hardware device as well as integrating it into your network if applicable.