Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Batteries Losing Power - Extra Charge On The Go!

With all the devices we all carry around with us, it's a shock that we do not just have a power outlet coming out of one of our orifices (to remain nameless-use your own imagination). But seriously, with cell phones, laptops and now pads.. we all have multiple mobile devices on us at all times. And today's technology is much more than it used to be. This means that everything we use is so much more important to our daily lives.

So what happens when you run out of juice? We all do our best to keep our devices fully charged. We charge them up at night and sometimes keep them plugged in throughout the day too. But there are times that we forget or we plug them in and then realize that the charger itself was not plugged in.. oops! Then we are stuck with a dead device all day.

There are options now however. There are various ways that we can save ourselves from that dreaded embarrassment of having a dead cell. Enter the Powermats and Portable Batteries.

The Ventev Powercell is one such device. This is a great way to carry power on the go. You charge it up at home and then you just leave it in your car. Or in your office. Or wherever you are traveling. If you have a briefcase, leave it in there, or just your coat pocket. Point is, you will have battery power ready when you need it. Just plug your device into it when your phone dies and your charging right away.

For $54.95 you cannot go wrong. A new battery will cost you just about the same for almost every device on the market. So buying one of these powercell's will do just the trick!