Monday, January 24, 2011

Aggregate Universe making some changes

We are undergoing a few changes here at AU.

Some of you may already be aware of the business I have recently been starting called Diverse by Design. If you are or not does not make a difference, point is the Aggregate Universe is going to be merging with the Diverse By Design model. With some of the work I have been doing with Internet content authoring and web writing the blogs I author have undergone a few changes. Both in content and the time I have to work on them.

Because of this The Aggregate Universe will be becoming DiverseByDesign.Net

The site at the moment is under construction but will be up and running tonite or tomorrow morning at the very latest. I will be putting other projects aside for the moment so that I can get this up and running.

I would like to thank everyone who had lent me a hand with the AU project and would like to offer a continuation of this relationship under the new DiverseByDesign.Net model. I look forward to great things coming out of the new site and hope that everyone who has paid a visit to AU and has helped me with various things will continue to spend time with us at DBD!

This is not a goodbye but a welcome! We are looking forward to the new site and everything that will come from it!

The Aggregate Universe site will remain active for some time just to act as a redirection. If there are any questions or concerns or you would just like to make a comment I can be reached at all times at :