Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diverse By Design

We have finally got the site up and running at our new domain.


We do not have much there yet, as I just wanted to get the site up so people can start bookmarking and checking back for changes and updates. We are also moving from the Blogger format to Wordpress as this gives us much more control over the coding of the site and its pages, since we will actually have multiple pages now too.

We are also in the process of merging this blog with our other blog Consistent Conjecture and with our business model of Diverse By Design. With that we handle our web writing jobs and other projects. So the plan is to merge everything into one place. Why run three different sites to help manage and promote three different things when we can just do it all from one place? It makes much more sense to me to do it that way anyway.

Hopefully we will start to see you all around the site soon. Spread the word and come and visit. I know there is not much there now, but bookmark the site or make note of the URL because changes will be coming, just be patient. What we are going through now is a ton of work. We will get it done, just takes a bit of time so bear with us.

Thanks for remaining patient, we look forward to bringing you all the quality information you are all used to.